I love Romania!

The whole Erasmus project and the short learning session in Romania, I took part in from the 21-st of May to 25th of May, was the best experience in my life. I met a lot of different people and got to know more about other cultures. I met amazing people with whom I’m still in

The short learning session in Romania

I took part in the short learning session in Bistrita in Romania in May 2018. I spent my time really nicely then. I met new people from Romania, Croatia and Slovenia. I learnt some new words from my new friends from other countries. I saw another culture while I was living with my host family.

Our trip to Romania was really successful

Our trip to Romania was really successful. We left Humniska on Friday. In the evening we arrived to Warsaw, from where next day we flew to Cluj- Napoka. The flight was an amazing experience. In Cluj- Napoka we had so much fun- there was the festival of the city. On Sunday we went to Bistrica,

My travel to Romania

My travel to Romania was a great experience. Through the project “Terra community and ethics of the future” I could meet lots of wonderful people and visit exciting places. The activities at school helped me to understand the ecology a bit more. They helped me to see what does ecology mean in our lives. In

I will miss the places in Croatia and the people there

From 15th – 21 th  of October I was on the learning session in Croatia from school project „Terra Community and Ethics of the future”. That was one of best week in my life. I visited interesting places and admired beautiful views. One of them was National Park Krka. The family, that hosted me, was

Croatia- the country with wonderful landscapes

In my opinion it’s a great country with wonderful landscapes and great weather conditions. The people, who live there, are very nice and helpful, what made my stay there very cheerful. I will never forget all the beautiful place that I could experience and sightsee during my stay there. I’m sure it’s thanks to its

Best experience of my life

In Poland I learnt a lot of things for example I learn some animal rights,    I learn a lot of creative ways to recycle old materials and my favourite creative way to recycle was by decoupage technique.By that technique we were turn old food can to beutiful and colourful pen holder.We also learnt a lot

Learning towards maturity in Poland

I learned a lot of things in Poland, keep in mind I was there only five days. I learned things about Humniska like the old wooden gothic church and oil pumps, beside that I also learned something about the school in Humniska. I learned a lot about recycling, animal rights, energy and renewable energy sources

Best trip of my life

The best trip to my life was in Poland because it inspired me knowing that I needed to know English and trying to learn something about the ecofile of the group. One of the best activities in the eco group was to make mental maps trying not to destroy nature. I was so proud and

Learning session in Poland

During learning session in Poland I learned a lot about ecology and about the ways of recycling. For example we learned how to do Webquest and how to make case for penciles from cans. We also learned about animal rights and we painted trees using old cosmetics. We learned  how to be a cool eco-costumer

Late May in Humniska

In late May students and teachers visited Poland as part of the Terra Community project. We travelled to a small town called Humniska. Our hosts were wonderful and made us feel right at home. We talked a lot about the environment, recycling and renewable energy, which was why we got to take a trip to

21 May – 27 May 2017, Hanging out in Humniska, Poland

On May 21st some students and teachers from our school visited Poland. We stayed in a lovely little town Humniska. We lived with our hosts and they took very good care of us. The learning session was about protecting environment, so our classes were mostly about that. We got to see the water dam in